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Quickbooks Tips and Tricks

Posted by Traci A. Malik Posted on June 12 2017

The QuickBooks program is a user friendly accounting software for businesses. The set up is very important. quickbooks advisor trinityThe settings can be found in the Edit/Preferences screen. Scroll through the list on the left and choose the options best suited for your business. Be sure that you understand what the chart of accounts is and what accounts you need. The chart of accounts are how each transaction is coded to one of the following: asset, liability, equity, income, cost of goods or expense. For example, if you are purchasing a desk for your office you would record in your bank register the payment and code to the asset account for furniture. This properly records the asset in your software. Below are some tips and tricks to help you with other aspects of QuickBooks desktop.

  • To have a list of the open windows you are using: either click "Open Windows" in the bottom of the left menu navigation pane or click on "View" then "Open Windows List". This makes it much easier to go from one screen to another quickly without opening the same window over and over.
  • To close a window you can either click on the "X" in the upper right or you can click the "Esc" key on your keyboard.
  • You can print a bill voucher to send with a payment to a vendor by clicking "Print" from the bill window.
  • Find related transactions by clicking the "Reports" tab in the transaction window you are researching (invoice or bill, etc), then click "Transaction History". It will list related transactions and you can click one to zoom in on and hit the "Go To" button.
  • There is a built-in calculator within every "Amount" field. Simply tap the "+" key on your keyboard to activate. Enter your formula and press "Enter".
  • To save time on transactions that re-occur, you can memorize them and have them enter automatically or set up a reminder before being entered. This is helpful for monthly bills that are the same amounts every month or customer invoices that are the same every month. To do this, create the invoice, bill, journal entry you want to memorize. Choose "Edit" then "Memorize".  Name the transaction for easy identification. Choose whether you want QuickBooks to remind you to post, to not remind you or to do the transaction automatically. Choose how often, when the next date is to post, how many remain if the program will automatically post and if you want it posted in advance.
  • To view your file location, the version you use, license number, and file size press F2.
  • There are keyboard shortcuts to save time. Below are some available for the desktop versions:

            Ctrl + I            Create Invoice
            Ctrl + E           Edit transaction selected in register
            Ctrl +Q           QuickReport on transaction or list item
            Ctrl+ M           Memorize transaction or report
            Ctrl + N          New invoice, bill, check, or list item in context
            Ctrl + T           Open memorized transaction list
            Ctrl + W          Write new check
            Ctrl + F           Find transaction
            Ctrl + J                        Open Customer Center
            Ctrl + H          Opens transaction history within transaction
            Alt + S             Save transaction
            Alt + N            Save transaction and go to next transaction
            Alt + P            Go to previous transaction
            T                      Date shortcut for today
            H                     Date shortcut for last day of the month
QuickBooks Online tips and tricks will follow later in the summer. Our office can help with QuickBooks setup and training for you and your employees. Contact our office today to set up a training session in the Trinity, New Port Richey, Odessa or surrounding area. Call 727-845-4166.