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Train the Entire Staff on QuickBooks

Posted by Traci A. Malik Posted on Nov 07 2016

A good bookkeeper is crucial to business for many reasons, but have you ever considered training all of your staff for those responsibilities? Many businesses are employing QuickBooks to help with bookkeeping functions, but many of the staff do not know how to properly use the program. There are many benefits to having a team that is trained and knowledgeable about the accounting functions and the basics of QuickBooks.

1. Vacation or Leave - If the designated bookkeeper takes a vacation, takes maternity or paternity leave or is away for an extended period of time, you can be sure that you have staff that are trained to pick up and keep the company rolling along smoothly.

2. Helps prevent fraud - Sharing in the bookkeeping function helps to decrease fraud in the workplace. A person is far less likely to commit a fraud if he or she has co-workers who are knowledgeable about the process and able to check in at any time.

3. More cohesive team - When the entire team understands the accounting process, items generated outside the accounting department such as purchase orders, quotes or shipping receipts are more likely to be detailed correctly and more accurate. When co-workers understand what each other needs to do his or her job correctly and efficiently, the company runs more productively and more profitably.

4. Increase employee morale - People appreciate the extra attention from their manager, they like the coaching because they want to do a better job, and they like that all employees are being coached and held accountable to the same performance.

Jones and Company CPAs, P.A. are Certified QuickBooks Advisors and can help you train a single person or your entire staff. For information on our training program, contact us at 727-845-4166 or visit online at