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Divorce Support

Pat Jones, CPA and Traci Malik, CPA have both accomplished the training provided by the Collaborative Divorce Institute. Collaborative Divorce is a streamlined process for a couple in which they come to terms within a healthy, supportive and mutually agreeable manner. 

The process involves each spouse obtaining a collaboratively trained attorney and then either each having a coach or sharing a coach for the process and engaging a neutral financial professional. Sometimes the couple may want to add a child specialist to the team. This specialist would be the voice for the child/children. This specialized team of professionals helps the couple seek the mutually beneficial results for you, your spouse and your children. This choice involves not going to court and therefore the details of the divorce are not public record as well.

Our job as your impartial financial specialist will be to sit with both and go over all the financial aspects with you. We will prepare reports with your help which lay out the values for the assets and liabilities. We also prepare with your help the monthly budgets. At team meetings we would serve to answer questions that you may have regarding tax consequences of decisions you make or other questions. We will project the long term consequence of your decisions in the process so that you can determine the best course of action for all parties.

We understand how difficult divorce can be and want to be a supportive member of your team!

For more information, feel free to visit the following website of a local organization promoting this process. This is the next generation of divorce resolution.